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Burland has become recognized AS a Firewise community BY The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and with that designation we have the ability to apply for federal funds to assist in the effort to mitigate against fires that would threaten not only timber but also our dwellings.

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Citizen Involvement


  • Citizen involvement is the cornerstone of a Firewise Community.

  • As participants in this effort you and your neighbors will learn how to decrease the risk of losing your homes and to best protect yourselves in the event of wildfire.

  • Within wildland/urban interface areas, firefighters lack the resources to defend every home that is threatened during  extreme wildfires.

  • Communities whose residents take steps to reduce their vulnerability have a greater chance of surviving a wildfire.

  •  A Firewise Community offers residents in fire-prone areas a unique opportunity to    implement Firewise practices specially tailored to individual and community needs.

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Park County now uses the CodeRED Emergency Notification System (reverse 911). With this system, citizens are able to enter their own data and choose how they would like to receive the notification.  Signup Here.

Do you know someone who does not have internet access?  Help them signup for Code Red.

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